Suzanne Laurie, MSc, BSc (Hons), HWC


I have an MSc in happiness….with a focus on the female midlife. Maybe that’s all you need to know!

But in case you’re interested what brought me here:

Well, I am a midlife woman – mid forties, so definitely in the infancy of my middle years but learning early that if you’re not well prepared (both mentally and physically) it is a life stage that can kick you up the backside at a moment’s notice. I am a married mum of 2, adventurer, optimist, cava drinking Dolly Parton fan (don’t go there- she’s a legend. End of). I am part of the sandwich generation, have just suffered a major career blow and the associated financial mayhem and I have hit perimenopause.

But I have an MSc in Positive Psychology, a BSc (hons) in nutrition and am a certified wellness coach – so if I can’t make it out alive – no one can. And I plan to try and pull as many women as possible out the other side with me, not only with minimal scrapes and bruises but with a new lease of life and a positive, resilient attitude.

Even as a wellness professional with years of knowledge and practical experience behind me I was unprepared for perimenopause and it annoyed me…. I’m a planner…I like a list….and I don’t like being sideswiped by weird symptoms (metal taste in the mouth anyone?) and an increasingly erratic cycle. Why did I know so little? Because research and support for female-related health concerns have been woefully meagre and menopause has been a taboo topic until very recently, with those who have been through it mostly doing so quietly and stoically. It is fantastic to see a number of healthcare professionals beginning to drive increased awareness. And now, through Mother Flushing Midlife and with my wonderful colleagues at the Holistic Menopause Clinic in sunny Spain I want to join the charge and help as many women as possible thrive during their midlife, menopausal transition, and into the second half of their lives.

Suzanne is a great listener and gave me so much more than just advice on nutrition. She is clearly an expert in nutrition and coaching. Thank you, Suzanne

A.B. 2023


I am always available for collaborations and talks worldwide. If you’d like to discuss midlife, menopause, books, blogs, podcasts or anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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