Free Online Masterclasses

I’m really excited to be bringing you 6 free online masterclasses covering key areas of midlife that you need to know more about if you want to experience happier and healthier ageing.

During these hour long sessions I’ll deep dive into the menopause transition, essential nutrients for midlife women, the secrets to positive ageing, overcoming emotional eating, the vital elements of a healthy midlife mindset, fad free approaches to positive ageing and prevention/management of common menopausal symptoms..

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I joined the menopause masterclass not really knowing what to expect…so many people are talking about this now and information given can be confusing. Suzanne made it all much clearer, I felt like I was being guided and given an overview of the whole picture including and possibilities, including what to expect during peri menopause, not just a one-sided view that you often seem to get elsewhere. Loved how nutrition, mindset and self care was at the heart of the class – something that everyone can make changes in rather than pushing HRT or pushing other medical ‘solutions’….she made it feel like the journey is a natural one and should be accepted as that rather than as a fight against our own minds and bodies.

Rachel, ‘What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know About Menopause attendee’, 2023

Next Masterclass:

The Real Reasons You Can’t Stop Emotional and Binge Eating

Join me for the 3rd in my 6-part Masterclass series, where I’ll be sharing the key tools and strategies you need to transform your relationship with food, and your body, FOREVER.

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards understanding, managing, and ultimately conquering emotional and binge eating?

Then welcome to the first part of your journey.

In this masterclass we’ll discuss how your complex relationship with food has really developed, why you’re not greedy or weak for emotionally eating and  most importantly  how to move on.

Join us online on Tuesday 28th November at 7pm UK time.

This masterclass is for you if you are:

  • Tired of feeling powerless in the face of emotional triggers that lead to overeating
  • Seeking effective and sustainable ways to manage stress, anxiety, and negative emotions without turning to food for comfort
  • Ready to break free from the cycle of guilt, shame, and regret that accompanies binge eating
  • Eager to cultivate a healthier relationship with food – one that genuinely nourishes your body
  • Committed to reclaiming control over your life and well-being

We’ll cover:

  • The psychology behind emotional eating
  • How your brain is sabotaging your best efforts, and what to do about it
  • Practical strategies and tools to break your emotional eating habit
  • The role of nutrition in emotional well-being and how to make food choices that support both your physical and emotional health
  • Why self-love and self-compassion are THE key to banishing emotional and binge eating
  • Effective techniques for establishing sustainable habits that promote long term change

You’ll learn:

  • Key strategies and tools every emotional and binge eater needs to break the overeating cycle for good

In a nutshell….

Get ready to rewrite your relationship with food, emotions, and yourself. Join us for this empowering masterclass and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you!

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Bring all your friends who are constantly dieting and body shaming themselves….I bet they’re emotional eaters too!

Suzanne xx

Join us online on Tuesday 28th November at 7pm UK time.