6 Week ‘Flourish’ Group Coaching Programme

Ever find yourself asking ‘is this it’?

Your life is OK, you’re ticking along with no major problems but you know you could feel physically and psychologically better.

Is that enough for you?

If the answer is no then I can help you flourish.

Flourish is a unique transformational group coaching programme based on my signature one to one Transformational Coaching Package. It is designed to help midlife women just like you live a life filled with fun, wellbeing, passion, purpose and love.

In just 6 weeks I’ll help you reconnect with your true you, establish and focus on your priorities, boost vitality and energy, shake-off limiting beliefs about yourself and your life and generally navigate towards a bright and possibility filled future.

As a small group we will explore, learn, strategise and plan, ensuring you all leave with the tools, techniques and mindset to flourish now and in the future.

If any of these statements resonate with you, I’m here to help:

  • Your days, weeks and months are flying by in a bit of a haze
  • You‘ve lost your sense of self and don’t know what want the second half of your life to look like
  • Your current energy and enthusiasm just about get you through the day but not with the passion and purpose you once had
  • Your body has changed and you’re struggling to maintain your weight even when you try the tricks that have always worked before
  • You’re experiencing more and more health niggles and are concerned about your long terms wellbeing
  • Your hormones seem to have taken control of your body and you’re confused about how to manage menopause symptoms
  • You want some of the old you back but you’ve no idea how to achieve that
  • You want support and connection from other women with similar challenges and aspirations

Why Flourish?

By midlife, women have amassed half a lifetime of experiences and wonderful memories. You’ve probably had your fair share of exhilarating highs and also survived some crushing lows. You have amassed resilience, survival skills, a thick skin and an abundance of knowledge and wisdom you probably don’t even credit yourself with.

You should feel powerful and alive! Yet, amid the whirlwind of daily life, many women feel a bit flat, disorientated or empty – like something is missing.It is normal to re-evaluate at midlife. We’re at a crossroads between youth and older age and our life experiences have shifted our perceptions, views and priorities. You may have spent years prioritising the needs of others and lost touch with your own needs, goals and dreams. This is destabilising and can lead to feeling lost and flat. You may be wondering where your enthusiasm and passion have gone and why things that once captivated you are no longer interesting. Your confidence may have taken a knock in our youth obsessed society and you may be becoming increasingly aware that your body and mind need more support than ever to stay fit, healthy and vital.

But I can help. I know that in the busyness of everyday life, it can be challenging to focus on and reconnect with ourselves, our wellbeing and our aspirations. However, time is ticking away.

If not now, then when? Midlife is the perfect time to invest in and re-connect with you – to start living with purpose, vitality and joy whilst rediscovering what truly ignites your passion. This programme is all about getting to know your true self: what makes you tick, what you really care about, your strengths, your values, your physical and mental needs.

This programme is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Re-connect with your true self
  • Re-engage with life and all it has to offer
  • Invest in your physical and mental wellbeing now and in the future
  • Pro-actively manage those menopause symptoms and health niggles
  • Prioritise your own self-care
  • Embrace the future with an optimistic and positive mindset

6 weeks of group support, will leave you feeling empowered and revitalised. You will have increased focus and clarity on who you are, what you want/need and how to flourish now and in the future. You will have access to a wealth of knowledge, resources and tools to keep building the future you want.

The programme covers:

  • A Comprehensive Life Audit: We’ll kick-off with a detailed assessment of your current life- delving into different areas such as health, career, purpose, relationships, fun and self-worth. We’ll identify sources of happiness and areas that require a bit of a reboot. You will see your ‘now’ in full focus, unearth obstacles and challenges, and determine key focus points for over the 6 week period. 
  • A Reintroduction to You: We all change organically as we go through life. You may also have spent years prioritising others needs above your own. By midlife, this can leave you feeling detached from your core values, needs, and aspirations. We will aim to reconnect you with your true self, your core values, key strengths, your major personality traits and how this all combines to make you uniquely you.
  • Your Super Powers: We’ll discuss how to harness the power of your unique personality and strengths, exploring activities, experiences and situations that will bring contentment and ignite your passion for life. This is when the fun really starts –  it’s time to decide who you want to be and what you want to be doing more of now and in the future. 
  • Your Wellbeing: Your health and wellness needs change with age so midlife is a great time for a nutrition and lifestyle check-up to help support longevity and positive ageing. With over 20 years experience as a Nutritional Therapist and wellness coach I will provide information and a resource pack (covering diet, sleep, movement and relaxation) focused on female health at midlife and designed to help you manage common health challenges including menopause symptoms.

Throughout the programme we will also work on your mental wellbeing, confidence, self-worth and self-compassion. You’ll leave with a bank of tools and resources to help you step fully into your personal power and wring the joy and opportunities out of life.

  • Prioritising Your Needs: Here we’ll get into the practical details of what reaching your goals and living a life that suits the true you looks like on a daily basis. And what is going to motivate you to maintain change and move positively forward once the programme finishes. We’ll start to pull together everything you have learnt about yourself, your goals and how to flourish to create a clear and personalised vision for your future.
  • Your Next Chapter: We’ll ensure you know how to prioritise, plan, goal set and take action to keep moving forward positively and with vitality. You’ll leave with a personalised Flourish action plan based on your values, strengths, character and passions. It will be a continued reminder and ‘how-to’ for promoting your physical and mental wellbeing, vitality, motivation and zest for life now and in the future.

The Logistics

You can join from wherever you are – sessions will be conducted through my practice management portal using Zoom. 

The programme is a blend of live workshops, self-reflection, at home activities and exercises, plus group discussion.

‘Flourish’ includes:

  • A comprehensive life and wellbeing audit
  • 6 weekly small group online coaching sessions (1 hour each)
  • Between session support via group messages
  • Between session activities, exercises, tools, resources and reflective exercises to support your growth, development and progress
  • Exclusive 6 month access to my Flourishing in Midlife online toolkit filled with wellness resources, tools and information to help you maintain progress and motivation after our sessions are complete 
  • Reduced rates for any subsequent one to one coaching with Suzanne (for 6 months after course completion)

You’ll be fully supported throughout the programme. I’ll be there to help keep you accountable and focused, challenging and championing you in equal measure. I’ll teach you tricks for recognising and dealing with that procrastinating and self-sabotaging inner critic so they no longer hamper your progress.

I can’t wait to work with you!

€449 payment plans available to suit your budget

Ready To Commit?

Want to know more? 

Simply email me at suzanne@motherflushingmidlife.com with your questions

I’m looking forward to connecting with you.

Your Midlife Coach